5 Essential Things Rats Need in Their Cage?

Rats need a cage that is big enough and has lots of toys and of course access to food and water.

It is essential that rat has all the supplies he/she needs. Rats thrive in a cage that is well equipped and has enough space to play, climb and hide.

They also need to have access all the time to fresh water and food.

Here are the main things rats need in their cage:

  • bedding (that doesn´t irritate their airways)
  • Nest or house to hide and sleep in (wooden house, cloth sling, plastic sputnik house etc)
  • food bowls with both dry and fresh food
  • water bottle with fresh water
  • toys to play with and climb around (baskets, slings, ropes, tree branches, cardboard boxes, educational toys

To make sure your rat will be happy and healthy these are the necessary things rats need in their cage.