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Do Fancy Rats Like To Be Held?

Fancy rats are known to be friendly towards their owner and most often like to be held for a short period of time. They might prefer to run freely, but nonetheless they do enjoy being in contact with people and sometimes they enjoy being held. Fancy rats are bred to be more friendlier Fancy rats

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Will Rats Poop on You?

  Just let me start off saying I love rats and think they are adorable and great pets to have! So the question is whether pet rats will poop on you? If you want to check on whether pet rats will pee on you? Check it out here. Rats are very social animals and love

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45 Great Rat Names

  When getting a pet rat, one of the first exiting things is getting to choose a name for your pet. You may want to pick out a name that would reflect your pets appearance or personality. Or maybe you are just looking for a fun or original sweet name. Or maybe a sweet name.

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