Best Gifts for Rat Owners & Rat Lovers

Christmas is approaching soon,  but luckily there is enough time to start planning the perfect holiday gift. If you have a friend or a loved one who adores rats, there here are some gift ideas for you. He or she will surely love those rat themed gifts.

Gifts for Rat Lovers & Owners


1. Rat Care Planner

This printable rat care planner would be a great gift to keep things organized. It includes weekly food plans, medical records, vet info, shopping lists, pet sitting instructions, and more. This is a great practical gift for a rat owner.

2. Rat Themed Gifts

For a true rat lover will always appreciate simple gifts that feature a rat, like this cup, fabric tote bag or plush toy. These gifts are fun and practical (maybe except for the plushie).

3. Personalized Necklace

For someone who loves rats and jewelry, why not gift them with a personalized pet portrait necklace? This necklace would make a lovely gift to any pet owner.


Gifts for Pet Rats

If your friend or loved one has rats, these gift ideas might also come in handy.

4. Macrame Hammock

These macrame hammock are not only cute, but likely be a hit among your ratties. These are handmade form cotton rope, includes clasps and a small chewing toy.

5. Rat Puzzle Toy

A great way to stimulate rats brains is to let your rats play with a toy designed to do just that. This puzzle toy was specifically created for rats taking rats size into consideration.  That´s a really cool gift for a rat!

Like always, please do your research about product safety before purchasing any items for your rats. Not all products made for rats are always healthy for them.

We hope our list of gifts helped you find the perfect gift for a friend or at least inspired you to look for one!

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