What Supplies Do I Need For A Rat?

If you are looking for a list of essential supplies needed in order to get a rat, then look no further. Here is a list of things needed:

Cage. There are many options available from low cost to bigger and more costly, but the thing to keep in mind, et there should be plenty of room for every rat. If you plan to take more than one rat, than it is recommended that it would not be the smallest cage available.

Size of the cage. For rats it is recommended that their cage is higher, multi floor cage, so they have to option to climb around. That is very important for their development. Also be sure to check the how wide apart are the bars and check if the cage was meant for rats, because if the bars are too wide, it could be dangerous to the rat if he tries to escape. To make sure the cage is suitable for rats, check the description at the shop and also check the bar spacing. The bar spacing should ideally be about 1 cm.

Here is few examples:

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

Savic Small Pet cage Zeno 2

Ferplast Vital 3-Tier Small Pet cage 120

Bedding. There are many options to choose from, from pine flakes, to cellulose to washable fleece. When choosing bedding it might be good to take into account the possible health implications to the rat rat and also the owner, and of course the cost.

For somebody with asthma, allergies and other health issues I would recommend some non dusty cellulose bedding, like that.

If cost is the issue, there is an option to use pine flakes, although these can sometimes provoke respiratory issues in rats and tends to generate more dust in indoor air.

Some people favour fleece, but if choosing that, it is important to clean the cage and wash the fleece liners regularly in order to to avoid smells.

Sometimes newspaper bedding are used, and if nothing else is available, this can be good help. Newspaper isn´t the best options because the ink found in it and the health implications it can bring to the rat.

If you want to learn more about different bedding options, click here.

Food. Rats need a variable diet consisting of dried and fresh food. And of course water. There are many dried food mixed available in pet stores. They also need daily fresh food vegetables, grains etc. For information about rats daily diet please click here.

Accessories and toys. Rats love to play around, climb and discover the surroundings. It is not necessary to purchase boredom toys, these can be made at home. Rats should have a place to sleep (they love to snuggle and hide) and climb in their cage. Many people choose to purchase different cage accessories, but there are not essential, as these too can be made at home (think empty boxes, tree branches etc).

Care supplies. It would be good to have special nail cutting scissors at home.

That is the essential list of what is needed to take care of a rat. It is great option to prepare in advance, so that you would have everything you need ready when you take your pet rat at home.