Will Rats Poop on You?


Just let me start off saying I love rats and think they are adorable and great pets to have!

So the question is whether pet rats will poop on you? If you want to check on whether pet rats will pee on you? Check it out here.

Rats are very social animals and love to hand out with their owner, play with people and other rats. Adult pet rats typically will not ever poop on you, but there are few exceptions.

One is that the rat was away from the cage for so long and didn’t have the option to go elsewhere, so when they have to go, they eventually go, even if it is on you. But that will only happen when to keep the rat on you (on your shoulder for example) for extended period of time, so that the rat will not have any other option.

If you are curious how long rats can manage to stay without using the toilet, check out the article here.

The other example is when they are scared. When a rat is scared he or she tends to suddenly poop. It is quite common at those instances when the rat is taken to a new surroundings or put somewhere she/he didn’t like. That is a normal reaction to him/her being scared.

A way to tell the difference whether the poop was a accident, because the rat had to go or whether the rat was scared, is to look at the amount of poop. If there are just one or two little poops, then it is likely, the rat just needed to go the bathroom. But if there is a bunch of poop (I’m talking about 4-6 or more) made all at once, it is very likely the rat is scared.